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SoftFuse 10-Pack SoftFuse Premium
Paper-Backed Fusible Web

This is my favorite brand of paper-backed fusible web. I use it in raw-edge fusible machine appliqué.

Why is it my favorite? Because it works the way this type of product is supposed to work! What a concept!

SoftFuse is extremely lightweight and soft, doesn't separate from the backing paper, fuses quickly and securely, and then you can get the paper off right away. It works 'like butter!'

This pack contains 10 sheets 8" x 9" each. Comes with manufacturer's instructions and Sunbonnet Sue pattern.

John James milliner/straw needles Kay's Favorite
Hand Appliqué Needles

Longer than sharps so you can get a better grip on them, skinny so they glide through fabric easily without resistance, and sturdy enough to resist bending.

These are Kay's favorites for hand appliqué!

John James cotton darner needles Kay's Favorite Needles
for Back-Basting

John James Size 7 Cotton Darners.

This is the needle I use for the basting step in back-basting hand appliqué. It's a thick, sturdy needle for the perforations that make this method so wonderful. Check out the Guide to Back-Basting on the Patterns page.

Schmetz Microtex needles Kay's Favorite
Machine Appliqué Needles

Size 70/10 Microtex needles. Very slim, sharp point, excellent for precision sewing.

These are Kay's favorites for raw-edge fusible machine appliqué!

Clover miscroserrated scissors Clover Patchwork Scissors

These 5½" hand scissors are the bomb for hand appliqué! The blades are microserrated, so they grip the fabric instead of chasing it. And, the cut edge is less prone to fraying.

Scotty notecards Scotty Notecards

Kay's cute Scotty Party quilt, printed on notecards for the dog lover.

Four notecards with envelopes, blank inside.

4¼ x 5½

Sew Crazy notecards Sew Crazy Notecards

Kay's popular Sew Crazy quilt, printed on notecards for your stitching friends.

Four notecards with envelopes,
blank inside.

4¼ x 5½

Sitting Pretty notecards Sitting Pretty Notecards

Kay's sweet Sitting Pretty quilt, printed on notecards for cat lovers.

Four notecards with envelopes,
blank inside.

4¼ x 5½

Plum Pudding notecards Plum Pudding Notecards

Kay's holiday Plum Pudding quilt, printed on notecards. Use them as Christmas cards or thank-you notes!

Four notecards with envelopes,
blank inside.

4¼ x 5½

Love My Stash notecards Love My Stash Notecards

Kay's Love My Stash quilt, printed on notecards for stash-happy quilters.

Four notecards with envelopes,
blank inside.

4¼ x 5½

Three French Hens notecards French Hens Holidays Notecards

Kay's illustrations printed on notecards for use as Christmas cards, thank-you notes, or for giving as a gift!

These cards say, "That's how you know they're *French* Hens" and "Joyeux Noël" on the inside. Click on the card for a visual of the sentiment.

Four notecards with envelopes.

4¼ x 5½

Butterfly on Blue
Butterfly on Blue

Pink Lady
Pink Lady

Lily of the Valley on Green
Lily of the Valley on Green

Curious Cat
Curious Cat

Magnetic Needle Minder

Wear it or set it down beside you...
you'll know where your needle is!

This magnetic Needle Minder looks just like a beautiful cameo brooch. A separate magnet in the back keeps it in place on your clothing. No more needles in the arm of the sofa, or stuck through your shirt!

Makes a great gift for someone who likes to sew, or for yourself.

You'll be able to specify which one you want in the shopping cart.

Hibiscus on BlackHeart in Hand
Hibiscus on Black

Heart in Hand
Hearts AfireBlackbird
Hearts AfireBlackbird
Miller's DragonfliesHummingbird on Purple
Miller's DragonfliesHummingbird